The Umbrella Protection Group, Inc
Message from the CEO

Dear Prospective Client,

We at Umbrella Protection Group strive for excellence in taking care of your well being. We will afford you the utmost in protection, allowing you and your family to experience normal quality of life.  I tell all of our clients that even though you employ our services for protecting and managing situations happening everyday in your lives, the true value to our services is to “prevent” unforeseen catastrophic or life altering events from occurring in the future, as dangerous plotting forces may strike at any time.

In a new era of the 21st century where global and domestic opportunities are abound, the world has become more complicated and dangerous. Whether it’s dealing with hostile competing business adversaries, political or religious enemies, or just random acts from felons wanting to do you harm, burglary, and/or sexual assault, we are versed in all circumstances and situations.

The Umbrella Protection Group wants to protect you with its uniquely qualified and experienced staff! We are the best of the best when it comes to elite protection for your safety and we look forward to being your security team.



Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Chief Executive Officer

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